48 Popular Rustic Painted Brick Fireplaces Ideas

Plus it was very porous and I know that it would take a great deal of paint. An alternate to brick and paint is to go for a wonderful stone finish. The face of each brick in addition to the mortar lines ought to be covered.

Popular rustic painted brick fireplaces ideas 46

On Winter, the best thing to be owned on this such a cold weather is the coziness that will accompanies your nights and may achieved by the furry blankets, hot drinks and a crackling fire. For all of those things, the most stand out thing may the fireplace that has been ignored and unused for a long time of the year. It will finally comes to life again in all its warm fire where suddenly all is right in your cold night. Anyway, as the winter comes and the fireplace will works on its duty again, it is so much worthy for you to renew your fireplace look. You can paint it in a rustic look to bring out a warmer and welcoming atmosphere into your cold winter night as it will give you a fresh and stylish yet classic, moreover, it is timeless.

To create a rustic fireplace, there are some choices exist, let us start with the soft neutral color in creamy paint that will freshens up your old brick fireplace while still allowing its original character to shine through. You can also make it into a rough-hewn wood mantel that will allow you to have your painted brick fireplace a rustic feel. Metallic candleholders adorn the mantel would offsetting the rusticity with a glamorous touch. Moreover, the black charcoal gray fireplace serves as a striking contrast to the bright, white walls in this stunning living area. A rough-hewn mantel brings attention to the natural texture of the painted bricks which is will absolutely cool and gorgeous for the rustic look. If it is possible, a redwood mantel lends a gorgeous punch of rusticity to your white brick fireplace. All of those explanation won’t tell you much without any real examples, right? Here, we will show you some of the gorgeous rustic fireplace designs to give you a clear illustration. Hope you will like it and can get the inspiration!

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