8 ways to update bedroom décor with less than $100
8 ways to update bedroom décor with less than $100

8 Ways To Update Bedroom Decor With Less Than $100

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To upgrade a bedroom decoration doesn’t mean to spend much money. You can improve your bedroom look with low cost. Even, it will not be more than $100. However, you need to be more creative. See these following ideas that may inspire you;

Make a Gallery


Simply just hang some white and black pictures on the wall. Or, in other ways you may add your family photos. Any pictures, children artworks, or others things that can be used for creating a gallery will upgrade your bedroom with low cost.

Change Your Ceiling Look


Ceiling updates also will improve your bedroom decoration with fewer budgets. If you have money to buy a chandelier, you can choose the cheapest one but with great shape. Or, you can paint the ceiling with any patterns and colors.

With a New Quilt or Duvet Cover


This is done periodically. With a new quit or duvet cover, your bedroom surprisingly looks different. Of course, this way will not cost you more than $100. Just buy some duvet cover and change your bed cover once a week or as you like.

Add Rug on The Floor


No matter how large your bedroom area is, a rug should be there to fill the space. When you have big space for bedroom, you can use a big rug as well. Choose the color and pattern of rug that looks blend with your bedroom style.

Paint The Bedroom Wall


The easiest way to upgrade bedroom look and can be done by anyone is upgrade the paint. Your bedroom wall needs to be repainted after some periods to improve the decoration without spend much budget.

Wall-Mounted Swing-Arm Lamps


Rather than searching space for floor lamp, it will be better for you to try new idea of wall-mounted lamp. This lamp looks unique but will not disturb your bedroom decoration. Even, it saves the space very well.

New Window Covering


Besides change the bed cover, you can change your window curtain as well. Choose the curtain that is affordable. Like the picture above with new window covering that will not cost more than $50. But, the result is amazing right?

Apply DIY Headboard


A vintage door that turned into headboard also upgrades your bedroom in a very simple way. Then, the most important thing is low cost. You only need to find old door and use it for headboard. Feel free to paint it first of not.

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