8 attractive ways to decorate room with barn door for surprisingly versatile
8 attractive ways to decorate room with barn door for surprisingly versatile

8 Attractive Ways To Decorate Room With Barn Door For Surprisingly Versatile

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Using barn door for room decoration is not a new thing to do. However, you need to consider your house style. Barn door looks great for farmhouse or traditional home style. However, it is not a mistake to add it for modern house as long as the designer mixes it properly. See these ideas below;

Create A Sense Of Separation


If you live in a small house, adding barn door will help you to create a sense of separation. Look at the barn door from the picture that separates bedroom with seating area. You may apply it for other room as well.

Barn Door With Mirror


This room is design for modern farmhouse style. The mirrored barn door dramatically reflects anything in front of it. Further, it creates larger space illusion. With mirror, this bathroom looks brighter too.

Add An Eye-Catching Splash Of Color


Build barn door for bedroom adds rustic touch. Apply an eye-catching splash of color for it will upgrade your bedroom look. Like the picture above which a green barn door has a great statement after white.

Chevron Stripe Barn Door


The idea of installing chevron stripe barn door dramatically adds texture to your room. It upgrades the look with simple touch but inviting. This room with chevron barn door actually made from some plywood that painted well in white color.

Barn Door To Hide Storage


Build a barn door will help you to hide storage in seamless way. So, it is not only decorative but also functional. Choose the most stylish barn door to add aesthetic value for your room decor. Like the picture above that hide bike in a fantastic design.

Barn Doors in Kitchen


Look at this rustic kitchen with chalkboard barn door. It separate the pantry in simple way but attractive. Using chalkboard is great for kitchen decor to have lists of menu or other stuffs. Further, this room exposes brick wall in an elegant way.

Traditional-Style Barn Door For Bathroom


This bathroom is design in traditional tone but look interesting. With white barn door with wreath, this bathroom gives a sense of warm atmosphere. This design works well for small bathroom area as well.

Adorable Mini-Barn Door


Just guest where is the barn door at this picture! Yes, it is. You can see a mini-barn door on the cabinet underneath of countertop. This mini-barn door can be made easily with few materials and less time.

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