8 easy and cheap diy underbed storage ideas for more organized room
8 easy and cheap diy underbed storage ideas for more organized room

8 Easy And Cheap DIY Underbed Storage Ideas For More Organized Room

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When you have lots of things, you need extra storage. However, you may lack of space to add cabinet. You need unusual space to use such as underbed. Other problem comes when you don’t have enough budgets. DIY underbed storage can be the solution for you. Like these following ideas;

DIY Rolling Underbed Drawers


This comfy storage is the solution for you who have many clothes, shoes or anything that need to save or hide.  The drawers have wheels to ease you move it at a secret nook. Made from plywood with wallpaper, makes these drawers look cute but functional.

Drawer with Pattern


Using drawer for undebed storage may not hard at all. However, you need to give personal touch. Like this drawer with casters that looks different. You don’t need to have any specific skill to have this underbed storage, just creativity.

DIY Underbed Storage From Cedar


Prepare cedar wood to create this simple underbed storage. Of course, you need nails, hammer, and knobs to make the drawer. Luckily, it will not take more time or money. What you need to have is only basic carpentry skill. Or, you may buy the drawer form nearest store as well.

Drawers With Plastic Bins


This is large enough to save your kids clothes as well. With rolling, it can be moved to a hidden area. However, this drawer needs large underbed space. Use it to save anything. Further, you will gain a clean and tidy bedroom.

Rolling Storage Box DIY


This storage gives you a rustic look with the role of rope and metal. This is good to save your kid’s toys. However, you can use it save anything. Then, with rolling, you can get it easily when needed.

Rolling Plastic Drawers DIY


This is a super easy underbed storage that can be copied by anyone. Rolling plastic drawer that will easily move out form underbed. Save clothes, shoes, kid’s toys, or anything for more organized bedroom look.

Old Laminate Bookshelf


Old bookshelf can be repurposed for a new drawer. It looks as large storage but still applicable for underbed storage. The wheels let it easy to use. Then, feel free to paint it or not for better appearance.

DIY Industrial Rolling Storage Crates


Wooden crate is easy to repurpose as anything, included storage. Don’t forget to add wheels too! This can help you to save your kid’s toys as well. Try this very easy and functional storage as soon as possible.

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