8 Brilliant Ideas To Save Bags With Hooks That Space-Friendly

8 brilliant ideas to save bags with hooks that space-friendly

Need more storage to save your bags collection? No need to worry, what you need to buy is some hooks. Attach them on the wall, closet, or any empty space of your room. With this way, you don’t need to install drawer or cabinet any more. See these following ideas to inspire you more;

Wooden Strips With Hooks


Use any nook in your room will make choosing us easy to keep your bags. A space behind the door of a bedroom may one of possible places. Rather than let it as an empty corner, attach some hooks and hang some bags there.

Simple Metal Hooks


Simple metal hooks can be used to hang wallets, handbags, or any bags you have with simple way. Use a space of your closet for it. However, make sure that the bags will not too big.

A Wardrobe Plus Some Usual Hooks


Whether it is a bag or paper bag, you can save it well at beautiful wardrobe like the picture. What you need to buy is some hooks. With this way, you can show up your beg collection elegantly without disturbing your room decoration.

A Clothes Hanger With Several Hooks


This bag storage looks great for cross body bags. You can use little space of your closet and will not make it too crowded. Just a clothes hanger with several hooks will help you to have more organized room.

Pegboard With Hooks


A pegboard with some hooks also works well to save your bags. Furthermore, you can easily collect your accessories to look more organized too. This idea will not cost much and anyone can have it soon.

A Wooden Plank With Hooks


Prepare a wooden plank, you may paint it or not. Then, attach some hooks to hang your bags. Attach the wooden plank on the wall and arrange your bags vertically. So, it looks tidy and neat but also cool.

Hooks To The Doors


This is a very clever hack to save your bags easily. Attach some hooks on the door of your closet to save your bags. With this brilliant idea, you don’t need to have larger space or floor or nook.

Hooks For Entry Way


No wonder. This is a great idea to save bags and look decorative as well for your entry way. You only need to attach some hooks and racks on your entry way. Then, hang your bags, or coat, or anything.


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