8 ingenious chalkboard diys to spruce up your cooking space
8 ingenious chalkboard diys to spruce up your cooking space

8 Ingenious Chalkboard DIYs To Spruce Up Your Cooking Space

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Decorate a room with chalkboard may look as a trend that anyone should have. It is cheap and easy to do even for a DIY newbie. Chalkboard board can be as decorative and functional item for any room, included kitchen. check out these ideas further;

Decorative Framed Chalkboard


Write down your menu plans everyday at this decorative chalkboard. It looks cute with painted fruity picture at the bottom. Moreover, this chalkboard gives you a vintage look but not monotonous. If you are creative enough just try to make a framed chalkboard like this soon.

Kitchen Chalkboard Clipboard


Add clipboard at the top of chalkboard simply change it as new note board for your kitchen. Just write down your lists of menu anything related to your kitchen activities. This is cool and easy to make by anyone.

Framed Chalkboard For Notes


Use this large framed chalkboard for any activities like writing your menus, lists to buy, or art. With vintage look, this chalkboard also play role as decorative accent. Further, with little cost anybody can buy it soon.

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard For Kitchen


This is a great and functional accessory for kitchen. This cutting board is added by chalkboard with magnet. So, you can attach your to do lists menu. Furthermore, you can write down any messages with chalk as well.

DIY Chalkboard Sign For Kitchen


This cute sign will upgrade your kitchen look just in simple step. With stencil board, you will be able to write down spirit quotation or anything at your kitchen. Be more creative by adding some accents for this kitchen sign.

Magnetic Tea Chalkboard DIY


You will have fantastic moment using this magnetic tea chalkboard. It is created from metal chalkboard. Then, you need to attach magnet for each tea containers. Simply, write down the names with chalk. It looks modern and inviting.

DIY Chalkboard Wet Bar


If you are lucky with large cooking space that can be used for indoor bar, this bar idea may look interesting. With chalkboard, you can create a vintage bar with glorious design. Add shelves to keep your wine or others.

Kitchen Wall Accent From Chalkboard


Create your own wall art by using chalkboard to show up your creativity. Draw any picture or write any message for your family. With this chalkboard you can spruce up your kitchen anytime.

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