8 diy rattan home items to welcome spring or summer
8 diy rattan home items to welcome spring or summer

8 DIY Rattan Home Items To Welcome Spring Or Summer

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Welcoming spring and or summer doesn’t have to make you lose your money. To upgrade room decor with inexpensive home items, you can create new accents with rattan or wicker. It brings sunshine inside. Rattan home items are ideal for any room decor whether mid-century, boho, modern, or others.

Shabby Chic Wicker Basket


Make your own planter to upgrade room decor will not be hard. If you have a wicker basket, simply just repaint it with any color you like. Then, add polythene inside the wicker basket. This planter shows you a simple shabby chic look.

DIY Rattan Beverage


Dress up your stain glass with rattan will dramatically change it look. Even, you can see that this item tells you more about beachy feeling. Moreover, it becomes less slippery. So, a child can hold it easily anytime.

Wicker Summer Craft


Here it is what you need to do this week. Create beautiful home items by using wicker or rattan basket. Simply just embroider them with colorful yarn. It looks like summer comes very soon. Let your room more stylish with these home accents.

DIY Rattan Napkin Holders


Simple cut wicker can be used for napkin holder to create beautiful Easter table decor. It looks more natural and inviting for any occasion. Furthermore, it is inexpensive and simple that can be done even for a DIY newbie.

DIY Rattan Wall Clock


If you have rattan placement, you can turn it into more decorative home accent. Like this rattan wall clock that made from rattan for warmer room. It looks great for summer room decor but will be able to blend with any season as well.

DIY Modern Rattan Candle Holder


Earthy element doesn’t have to look rustic. This DIY rattan candle holder even gives you modern touch. Take a look at the candle holder that made from stain glass that covered by rattan for more sophisticated room decor.

DIY Rattan Wall Art


Woven rattan paper plates can be turned into new home items to upgrade your wall décor. These DIY rattan wall art doesn’t need any specific skill, just creativity. Paint them for more attractive look.

DIY Rattan Sunburst Mirror


Rattan sunburst mirror will add vintage touch to your room decor. Using sunburst mirror as wall decor will be timeless. No matter the season, this wall decor still awesome and attractive.

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