10 bathroom in-wall storage for more organized look and save the space
10 bathroom in-wall storage for more organized look and save the space

10 Bathroom In-Wall Storage For More Organized Look And Save The Space

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Find out the space to install storage for small bathroom is little bit hard. However, you still be able to have more storage for your bathroom. You need to build in-wall storage that will save your bathroom space. See these following ideas;

Hidden Panel For Bath Products


Add storage for bathroom with no need more space with this hidden panel. Save your bath products and supplies at in-wall storage near your vanity. It looks tidy and clean.

Towel Storage Built In The Wall


Here it is a great idea to create in-wall storage for towel rack. It saves the space without makes the room look crowded. Keep organized and easy to reach in-wall storage is what you need.

Niche Shelves For Small Spaces


If you only have small bathroom space, built-in wall shelves looked as brilliant idea. Save essentials, bathroom products, supplies, or even your watch will be easier.

In-Wall Towel Storage Over Bath Tub


When you don’t have any space to keep your towels, try to use your wall. Create built-in wall storage over bath tub will ease you to get your towel soon.

Hidden Toilet Things


Seeing toilet things sometimes seems annoying. It makes the bathroom looks little bit clutter. It will be better to hide them at in-wall storage.

Cabinet Hidden Behind A Mirror


No one will guest that you hide a cabinet behind the mirror.  Built cabinet in-wall next to powder room is nice. It will help you to save your products without disturbing the space.

In-Wall Medicine Cabinet


In a powder room, you will only have limited space. Installing cabinet will disturb your decor. So, install in-wall storage will be the best way to save your medicine without corrupt the space.

Built-In Recessed Toilet Paper Holder


Where will you put your toilet paper? If you are lucky with large bathroom, it will not be a problem. However, for the one who only has small bathroom, extra storage is important. In-wall storage for toilet paper next to the toilet with extra roll is better.

Built-In Cabinet In Between Studs


Built in wall cabinet with glass door actually look modern and chic. This storage helps you to save towels, essentials, bath products and supplies, and anything. Luckily, it will keep the room clean and neat.

Bead Board Bathroom In-Wall Storage


You may use the space of your bathroom nook to build this bead board storage in wall. Feel free to add glass door or let it without door.


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