8 brilliant diy projects to upgrade room decor with bamboo
8 brilliant diy projects to upgrade room decor with bamboo

8 Brilliant DIY Projects To Upgrade Room Decor With Bamboo

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Natural material like wood or bamboo can be used for creating awesome craft. This week, you can choose one of this crafts from bamboo to upgrade your room decoration. Since bamboo is cheap and easy to find, you will not lose your money neither time for it. Hold these ideas to inspire you;

Beautiful Vase From Bamboo


This spring, you can update your room by applying different item. Like this unique DIY bamboo vase. Look at the picture of vase that covered by bamboo stick and wrapped by raffia or you may use ribbon as well.

Bamboo Ladder For Storage


Bamboo ladder is used to climb. Here, this item can be functioned as storage to keep your towel, fabric, magazine, or other stuffs. Just put it against the wall and you will see how it affects your room decoration.

Bamboo Sunburst Mirror


If you want to upgrade your room with mirror for summer decor, this bamboo sunburst mirror may look interested. The way is simple and anyone can do it easily. Just cut bamboo stick and glue it around the mirror.

DIY Bamboo Pot


Spruce up your room at summer by using unique craft. Like this idea of DIY bamboo pot for indoor green plant. Take some bamboo skewers for your pot accent. Then, it will upgrade your pot beautifully.

Bamboo Wind Chimes


If you love to hear natural sounds, these bamboo wind chimes will give it to you. When the wind blows, the bamboo will give you nice sound like music. Find bamboo sticks and cut them. Then, find a place where you can get more wind.

Wreath From Bamboo


Look for some bamboo sticks on your garden then glue them on the wall or door. This wreath looks awesome for spring or summer. However, you may create this for any season to look rustic but inviting front door decor.

Boho Bamboo Pendant Light


This is a cool idea to have a pendant light with bamboo sticks. See the colorful tassels that look as simple style but cheerful accessories for lampshade. However, this bamboo pendant light will appear more sophisticated as outdoor lighting.

Bamboo Skewer Placemats


You can create this awesome placemats from died wood or bamboo. Paint with any colors you like for better appearance. With this way, you can save more money, because bamboo or died wood is cheap.

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