8 diy knife blocks for more comfortable and safe cooking space
8 diy knife blocks for more comfortable and safe cooking space

8 DIY Knife Blocks For More Comfortable And Safe Cooking Space

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Some people only buy one knife but others may have more than ten. If you are a chef or just someone who loves to cook very much, collecting some knives may important. Due to each knife have its own function. Then, you need a block to save them. Check out these ideas;

Transparent Knife Block


Look at this modern knife blocks. It is made from Plexiglas and board that looks sophisticated for your kitchen. Pull out the knife when you need it easily, because you can see directly the knife through the glass.

Universal Knife Holder


Get it soon to save your knives. It is made from tin can and wooden skewers. The knives will be at its right place. So, you don’t it to worry it will move anywhere. Even, you can arrange more knives as many as you can.

Cute And Bright Knife Holder


Two blocks that arranged vertically looks awesome to save your knives. Feel free to paint it with any color as you like. However, give it bright color and cute pattern will look eye-grabbing.

Striped Knife Holder


Knife block with natural wood color may look monotonous. Here, you can try different DIY knife block. It is not hard, you just have to create the wood block and paint it with your favorite color. However, it will be better to use soft color like blue or peach.

DIY Chalkboard Knife Block


Black is elegant, but adds it with pattern will spruce it up. Like this knife block with doodle pattern. How can it be? This knife block is made from chalkboard. So, you can draw any picture or write something on it easily to upgrade its look.

Simple Knife Block


This is an easy and cheap knife block to improve your kitchen look. You only need to have some plain wood to create the block and fill it with skewers. Then, arrange your knives on it. No need to paint just let it as its natural color.

Minimalist Knife Block Of Wood


This week, you can create this DIY knife block. With basic carpentry skill, this project can be done faster. Your knives will be more organized and will not harm anyone, especially kids.

Walnut Knife Block


Dark walnut wood can be used as knife block. Separate each line with dividers to have safety knife holder. You can have more than three lines with this way.

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