8 awesome furniture items made from crates that are budget-friendly
8 awesome furniture items made from crates that are budget-friendly

8 Awesome Furniture Items Made From Crates That Are Budget-Friendly

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Wooden crate is cheap. The good news is that it can be repurposed into some furniture that more functional. It helps you to have new furniture with little cost. See these following DIY furniture items that made from crates to inspire you;

Stylish Wood Crate Bookshelf


Collect some wood crates and arrange them vertically will lead you to have stylish wood crate bookshelf. Attach each crate by using wood and nails for stronger bookshelf. So, it can be use to save as many books as you want.

Tiered Garden Shelf


Put your green plants at this creative garden shelf. It is made from two wooden crates that arranged vertically and attached with wooden legs. Feel free to repaint it with any color your like or match it with your garden d├ęcor.

Pet Bed Of A Wooden Crate


This is a very easy project that can be done in minutes. You just have to find an old wooden crate and add a pillow on it. Then, surprisingly you already got a pet bed. Let your dog or cat or bunny takes a rest at this simple but cozy pet bed.

Single Cube Shelves


Find a wooden crate with proper size and paint it in any color as you like. It can be used for shelves to save your books or anything. This furniture is simpler than you think. So, you can easily try it as soon as possible.

Wooden Crate Produce Stand


Are you a fruit seller? Wooden crate may not something new for you. This two-tiered wooden crate product stand can display your fruits. Or, you can use it for storage to save anything in your home just like towel, shoes, or clothes.

Rustic Wooden Crate Side Table


Even a wooden crate can be transformed into more functional furniture. Like the picture above that you can change it as side table. Add legs from wood log for a rustic touch. Or, you may also buy hairpins to give mid-century touch.

Rustic TV Console Table Of Crates


This is an amazing idea to create TV console table by using wooden crates. You need more than one crate that adjusted in one rectangular shelf. Feel free to decide the size according to your necessary. Then, you paint it or not.

Denim Ottoman From Wooden Crate


You need to have basic carpentry and sewing skill to create this amazing denim ottoman. Give surprise to your guest with this project. Add wheels to make it easy to move anywhere.

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