8 easy diy ombre lamps for more colorful room decoration
8 easy diy ombre lamps for more colorful room decoration

8 Easy DIY Ombre Lamps For More Colorful Room Decoration

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Ombre color for decoration is still popular nowadays. Applying ombre lamps for room decor will add edgy look without disturbing the room style. Moreover, ombre lamps also add splash of color for more colorful and cheerful atmosphere.

With Ombre Felt Circle Decor


This amazing lamp will give your ombre effect. Create felt circles in ombre color to the lampshade. You may use neutral color or bold color for the circles. It is super easy and less budget too.

Ombre Hexagon Lampshade


By using BBQ sticks, you can create this geometric lampshade. The ombre colors made from yarn. This modern lamp design works well for bedroom and or any room with little space.

Ombre Coral Glass Pendant Lamp


This ombre coral glass pendant lamp will add warmer touch to your decor. This lamp looks beautiful for summer and or spring room decoration. However, feel enjoy to use it for winter as well.

Ombre Pink Fringe Lampshade


For all of you who love retro style, this is a perfect lampshade that will attract your attention. Made from fringe, this floor lamp will add a touch of classic tone for your bedroom nook. Cool, isn’t it?

Ombre Concrete Lamp


Give a new touch to your room decor with this great ombre decor. You are not busy with the lampshade but the base of lamp. Create it by using concrete and paint with ombre color. This lamp works well for modern room.

Ombre Pendant Lampshade


Improve your pendant light design with ombre color will refresh its look. Layer the lampshade by using high translucent fabric like this bold pink lampshade. Feel free to use other colors according to your room decoration.

DIY Ombre Metal Lampshade


Shades of green colors used for metal lampshade will bright it up. This cool pastel shades can make the room fresher. Moreover, it looks chic and airy lamp design.

Ombre With Paper Lamp


This paper lamp with ombre color looks great for party lighting. The way to make is pretty easy. Just cover the lamp with paper in ombre color. Like this pink paper lamp. Feel free to choose other colors that will match to your décor.

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