9 coolest living rooms with geometric wallpapers that affordable to copy
9 coolest living rooms with geometric wallpapers that affordable to copy

9 Coolest Living Rooms With Geometric Wallpapers That Affordable To Copy

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One of the easiest ways to upgrade living room is change the wall design. Some designers recommend us to apply wallpapers. Then, geometric wallpapers looked as trend that will never left behind and budget-friendly. So what are you waiting for? Just find out geometric wallpapers for your living room as soon as possible.

Yellow Geometric Wallpaper


When you see this living room, you will be attracted with the color. Yellow seems bright and chic for this room. The wallpaper, pillows, and chandelier are in gorgeous combination.

Geometric Wallpaper For Contemporary Living Room


Beautiful geometric wallpaper works well with printed rug at this living room. If you love modern living room, you can copy this design. With neutral color, the room looks chic and sophisticated.

Living Room With Formal Touch


At first time you come to this living room, you will notice where the fire place. Then, in its sides, geometric wallpapers give more statement. Still in neutral and earthy color, this living room looks awesome.

Neoclassical Living Room


It is really gorgeous living room decor. More patterns will not make this room appears crowded. Look at the geometric wallpapers that remind us about honeycomb that combine with printed curtains. The tufted ottomans and printed pattern rug also enrich this room design.

Light Geometric Wallpapers


Gold prints chairs and patterned pillow work beautiful with light geometric wallpaper for a stunning living room design. Just make sure you apply bright lighting to ease your guest see the patterns.

Contemporary Living Room With Geometric Wallpapers


Why don’t you apply geometric wallpaper for your recessed wall? Like this living room design. Even, you can apply more colors as well. Look at the armchair with attractive pattern and bright yellow color for awesome living room look.

Funky Living Room


The wallpapers come in very light color with simple pattern but give much impact. Just apply contrast color for other furniture and accessories. Like the photo frame, pillow, and TV console.

Pastel Color Living Room With Geometric Wallpaper


Look at this pastel living room with simple touch of geometric wallpapers. Though the wallpapers only take little portion but give tremendous effect.

Retro Living Room


What an amazing living room with printed grey geometric wallpaper! The white bricks looks blend with bronze-like background at for fireplace. And the carpet completes this living room perfectly.

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