8 ideas to repurpose vintage trunk as stylish and trendy coffee table
8 ideas to repurpose vintage trunk as stylish and trendy coffee table

8 Ideas To Repurpose Vintage Trunk As Stylish And Trendy Coffee Table

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Trunk accompanies its owner to travel the world. When it becomes old, some people tend to sell it or just save it at storage. Even though, trunk can be repurposed for more functional item. Just like these ideas of how a vintage trunk transformed into a coffee table.

Rustic Trunk-Style Coffee Table


Reuse your old trunk as more functional item like this rustic trunk-style coffee table. Even, this DIY furniture will give your additional storage to keep your kid’s toys, movie collection, or other items.

DIY Army Trunk Table


The owner of this house repurposes vintage trunk for coffee table with hairpin legs. Without repaint the trunk, the owner wants to keep the shabby chic look. Moreover, you will have additional space under the table that can be functioned as storage too.

Stylish Shabby Chic Coffee Table


A vintage trunk that repurposed as stylish coffee table will add a touch of classic style for your room. Then, whitewash its surface for shabby chic look. Then, give small legs with white color as well. You may let the hardware as it is or repaint it with white as well.

Bright Colored Coffee Table


This coffee table also created with hairpin legs. With bright color, it will boost our mood. Put this coffee table at your living room for colorful touch. Combine with other accents like candle or vase.

Coffee Table With Angled Legs


Here it is a coffee table with angled legs for improving your room decor. Made from vintage trunk, you don’t need to buy a new material. However, you have to find wooden logs to create DIY angled legs for this unique coffee table.

Coffee Table With A Glass Top


Look at this cool coffee table. The owner adds a glass at the top of it. Though created from vintage trunk, this item looks modern and chic. You may see how metal, fabric, and wood work together to show sophisticated furniture.

White Coffee Table From Vintage Trunk


Paint a vintage trunk in white color than stencil it with metallic stripe to create amazing table. You may repaint the hardware with dark color like black or dark brown to look contrast with its basic color. So, it looks more attractive.

Simple Vintage Trunk Coffee Table


You need to create a table from wood board with wood legs. After that, attach the vintage trunk at the top of it. Feel free to repaint the trunk first. But, let it with its natural color will give you a touch of classic look.

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