How to decorate your home with renovated wicker furniture items for summer
How to decorate your home with renovated wicker furniture items for summer

How To Decorate Your Home With Renovated Wicker Furniture Items For Summer

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This summer, you don’t have to buy new furniture to upgrade your home decoration. If you have old wicker furniture, just repaint it. It will look fresher with bold color or vibrant color. Feel free to choose painting or spray painting to renovate your old wicker items.

Wicker Furniture With Bolder Color


Installing wicker furniture for porch is nice. You may repaint the wicker chairs and table with bolder color or vibrant color to make them appear cooler. Add some cushion and patterned pillows for more attractive look.

Orange Wicker Chairs


Whether you want to put this wicker furniture for indoor or outdoor, you need to make it looks refreshing first. These wicker chairs are already painted in orange color for bolder appearance. Combine with contrast color like blue seems awesome.

With Lilac Wicker Chairs


Paint your old wicker chair with lilac color for a touch of romantic. To give color for it, you need to use small brush. This is to make sure every spot of it being painted well. Add with flower patterned fabric cushion or pillow for warmer look.

Old Wicker Chairs With Chalk Paint


These are very soft wicker furniture for your terrace. They are painted well with pastel color for eye-catching outdoor furniture. The owner adds patterned pillow to upgrade those wicker chairs appearance.

White Wicker Chairs For Living Room


By using spray paint, you can give a new touch for your old wicker chairs. Like these chairs with white color that look elegant for living room nook, near the fire place. You may add bright colored pillow with textures.

Wicker Furniture For Patio


Look at the wicker furniture. Actually, it is not an old wicker item. However, you are not forbidden to repaint it with your favorite color. By using spray paint, this wicker appear in a new look for better patio design with cushion and pillow.

A Couple Of Gorgeous Modern Wicker Chairs


To improve your outdoor space, it doesn’t have to buy expensive items. The idea of repainting a couple of wicker with bold red color is great. Add patterned cushion for better look. They looked perfect for outdoor furniture.

With Old Wicker Lounge Chair


Install old wicker lounge chair for your outdoor is not a mistake. However, you need to repaint it first with brighter color like bright blue for more enchanting look. Then, add printed pillow and or cushion for comfortable sitting.

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