9 Mind Blowing DIY Decorative Pendant Lights Ideas That You Will Love

9 mind blowing diy decorative pendant lights ideas that you will love

Lighting will affect your room decoration. Due to better lighting will make a room appear brighter and larger. However, pretty lights need more money too. It will be expensive to buy decorative lights. So, it will be much better to create them. See these following mind blowing decorative lights as below;

DIY Geometric Lampshade


This pendant light is totally mind-blowing. By using metallic tube, you can create a modern lighting for upgrading your room decor.

Mason Jar Lamps


Mason jar lovers should try to make this amazing craft. DIY pendant light made from glass jar will make your room looks different. Just clean some Mason jar, make a hole on its stopple, and hang them on ceiling.

Globe Pendant Light


Reuse your old globe into more functional way by changing it into a sophisticated lighting. Cut the globe into a half. Then, attach the lamp on its center. It looks unique and inviting.

Soda Can Tab Small Diagonal Pendant Light


You may need time to collect tabs from soda can or any canned beverage to create this sophisticated pendant light. Diagonal form makes this craft looks more attractive. No need to paint.

DIY Oversized Fabric Garland Chandelier


This elegant pendant light looks awesome for modern bedroom design. It adds a touch of boho style. White fabrics with patterns and texture make this pendant light looks pretty.

DIY Quilt Light


You can easily find card boards at the nearest store. Add colored paper to each line to create more textures. This lamp looks beautiful, right? So, why don’t you try it soon?

DIY Elegant Lace Lamp


Find out a beautiful lace dress to cover your pendant light. Actually, it doesn’t have to in circular. You can make triangular or rectangular shape as well. But, circular is the easiest for pendant light.

DIY Metal Light


You can find the metal sheet at the nearest local hardware store. Then, you need a lamp kit, crossbar, wire, machine screw, and flat washers. Fold the metal sheet and shape it looks like the picture. Happy crafting!

Pom-pom Pendant Light


For more cheerful atmosphere, you can create this pom-pom pendant light for your kids’ room. This is super easy DIY pendant light that is little price as well.

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