9 ingenious diy ideas to repurpose old globe
9 ingenious diy ideas to repurpose old globe

9 Ingenious DIY Ideas To Repurpose Old Globe

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If you have a globe at your house that is not used any more, just change it into more functional way. You may get new item from old globe with simple creation. Check out these ideas of repurposing old globe ideas as follows;

Old Globe As Antique Lampshade


Cut the old globe in a half. Use one part of it as lampshade with some accents. It looks antique for your room lighting with unique shape. Even, it upgrades your room decor in a simple way.

Globe For Spring Table Decor


Decorate your table this spring by using this unique DIY flower globe. Repaint the globe with vibrant color. Then, add flowers for more interesting appearance.

Old Globe Clock


Create a hole at the old globe and attach clock mechanism. Then, you will get a new clock without spending any dollars. Moreover, it looks awesome with your personal touch.

Upcycled Old Globe As Decorative Accent


Just be more creative with old globe makeover. You may take some buttons and attached them in old globe by using hot glue to create a new decorative accent for your room. This is a super easy craft and gives glamour tone to your home decor.

Old Globe Into BBQ


Get better quality time with your family and friends with barbecue. No need to buy a new one, just repurpose your old globe. It looks unique and you don’t have to spend money.

Piggy Banks For Kids


Teach your kids how to save their money with simple way. Make this project with your kids this weekend to show them how important saving money is. They will love this craft and hopefully will happy to save their money at this sophisticated piggy bank as well.

A Globe For Hanging Planters


If you want add personal touch to your room decor through this amazing planter. A globe that cut into a half that fulfilled with soil and green plants for indoor and or outdoor tiny garden. You can copy this idea soon? It sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Globe As Mail Box


This is a lovely mail box design that will attract people attention. The one attend your party may write their message on a card and put into this unique mail box.

Beautiful Bowl Form Old Globe


This is not only a decorative item but also functional. Made of an old globe, this piece doesn’t take your money at all. However, you need to create it with cutting the globe into a half and add a leg underneath. It seems classic but mind-blowing item.

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