8 decorative trash cans to create or buy for more attractive room decor
8 decorative trash cans to create or buy for more attractive room decor

8 Decorative Trash Cans To Create Or Buy For More Attractive Room Decor

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You may see trash can somewhere, especially at a kitchen nook. Usually, it appears in black color that looks monotonous. However, you may change its look by painting or adding some accents. Check out these ideas below for further inspiration:

Trash Can With Sunny Flowers Meadow Accents


What a pretty project! This ordinary trash can looked brilliant with hand painting. You can draw butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, or anything you like. However, you need to have drawing skill or ask someone who expert in drawing to have this awesome trash can.

Plastic Garbage Can With Fabric


Even plastic garbage can look more interesting by using fabric with monogram. It can act as decorative accent to improve your room decoration. Moreover, you can write down a message through this cute trash can.

Colorful Monster Trash Can


This creative accent can be placed at your nursery room. The kids will love its design of colorful monster. You can teach them how to keep the room clean by using this attractive trash can. Encourage your family to have a clean room.

Pretty Green Trash Can


Made from galvanized bucket, this trash can looks wonderful with mint color. With two handles, this item will easy to be moved anywhere at your nook. For you who love a simple decorative accent, pretty green trash can seems interesting.

Painted Metal Trash Can


Bring this sweet decorative metal trash can into your room will upgrade its look. Metal trash can with flower will not only act as a trash bin but also decorative accent. It is awesome for kitchen, office, or other room as you like.

Decorative Trash Can With Flower Pattern


With this beautiful flower pattern, you will see an eye-catching trash for your home. It can be used to decorate bathroom, laundry room, or any room at your home. Even, you can put this decorative trash can outside.

Vintage Mid Century Modern Atomic Trash Can


Add different decorative accent to your nook with this amazing vintage mid century modern atomic trash can. It made form perforated gold, anodized metal with a wooden base and legs. This trash can will upgrade your room very well.

Cherry Flip Top Trash Can


What a cute trash bin design for your kid’s room is this. Make sure you have drawing skill ability to create this amazing cherry flip top trash can. Moreover, you may add other pictures as well like dragonflies, butterflies, or more.

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