8 inspiring guest toilet design ideas to maximize small space
8 inspiring guest toilet design ideas to maximize small space

8 Inspiring Guest Toilet Design Ideas To maximize Small Space

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A guest toilet is usually in a small space. However, it doesn’t mean to look monotonous. There some elements inside merely vanity with sink, toilet, and storage. Further, you can add some decorative accent just like green plants, mirror, and or chandelier. Take a look at these ideas to inspire you.

Small And Simple Guest Toilet


This is a guest toilet comes in a tiny wall-mounted sink. This simple and small space completed well with a small mirror and a basket for storage. Further, the toilet with modern design makes this area clean and tidy.

Simple And Contemporary Guest Toilet


Decorate a guest room with white tile walls to make this small are appear larger. Then, a mirror in a wooden frame adds a touch of classic tone. Then, wooden shelves hang on the wall also can be used for storage. Even you can add a frame for sign.

Neutral Guest Toilet


Look at this guest toilet with black touches for a sense of dramatic look. You can see a wall-mounted sink for washing your hand. Then, there is a box with storage to keep essentials. Moreover, you can add a green plant for fresh look.

Monochromatic Guest Toilet


You can design your guest toilet with black and white tiles for monochromatic style in different scales. Install wall-mounted stone sink to keep it stylish and chic. Apply bright lighting to make this room appear larger.

Minimalist Guest Toilet


To make your guest feel cozy even at a very small toilet space, you can use concrete. Then, a wall-mounted sink can be installed for minimalist and more efficient room. Give a lamp and a large mirror to complete the room.

Luxurious Contemporary Guest Toilet


Gain luxurious touch for your guest toilet with a stone sink and vanity. The existence of a mirror and some stone on the wall create more statement. Some blooms make this room more relaxing and cozy space.

Laconic Guest Toilet


The role of aqua tiles at this room is to add decorative element without make it too busy. Then, copper elements give more touches of generosity. Moreover, a floating vanity with a sink later will ease your guests to wash their hand.

Guest Toilet With Floral Wallpaper


A guest post room with vanity covered with wallpaper will boost your guest mood. It designed beautifully with a mirror and some lamps. Furthermore, you can add gold element for more luxurious touch.


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