8 beautiful diy candle holders ideas that steal few minutes to make
8 beautiful diy candle holders ideas that steal few minutes to make

8 Beautiful DIY Candle Holders Ideas That Steal Few Minutes To Make

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Do you want to hold a party? Designing your party room with candle holder will give a touch of glamour. If you want to add more personal feel to your party decor or any decoration with candle holder, make it by yourself. See these ideas;

DIY Frosted Glass Jars Candle Holders


Be more creative. A glass jar can be turned into other functional items. Just like this idea of DIY frosted glass jar candle holder for your modern room decoration. The way is pretty simple, only by spraying it with any color as you like with pattern.

Retro-Chic Twine and Glass Candle Holders


Prepare Mason jars to create this amazing candle holder. Twine will let you to give a touch of personal accent to the jar. Shape it as you like. After that, you will gain retro touch for your room decor.

DIY Candle Holder With Rope


This is a super easy project that can be done in less than an hour this week. Prepare a glass and cover it with rope using hot glue. Neither trick nor technique required. Then, you gain a simple but awesome candle holder look.

Sea-Inspired DIY Candle Holders


Bring the beauty of sea inside your home through a simple home item. Look at this sea-inspired DIY candle holder that will upgrade your room. Using clean glass jar and paper napkin, you will get this amazing candle holder for your table decor.

Stenciled Burlap Candle Holders


With cardstock or store-bought stencil, burlap, glass hurricane candle holder and other simple materials, you will get this amazing candle holder. Create any animal shape on the burlap as you wish for more personal touch.

DIY Craft Leaf Candle Holder


This is economical project than can be done by anyone. Just find out a glass and some leaves. Use hot glue to attach the green leaves to the glass. Put inside the candles. It is pretty easy, right?

Glittered Glass Jars


Sparkling candle holders will add a touch of glamour to your room decor with little price. Just find out glass jars and play around it with glitter by using hot glue. Choose any colors as you like.

Moroccan Candle Holders


Give a touch of free spirit to your room decor with this Moroccan candle holder. It upgrades your room decor without bankrupt your wallet. Just paint it with glass paint and see how it will affect your home look.

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