8 cool lap desk designs for comfortable working at home
8 cool lap desk designs for comfortable working at home

8 Cool Lap Desk Designs For Comfortable Working At Home

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Whenever you feel bored with home office are to do your project at home, you may use lap desk. It is more simple but functional. Just sit at your bed and use the lap desk. Even, it can be used to serve your breakfast every morning. Then, to save your budget create lap desk by your own hand.

DIY Lap Desk With Burlap


This lap desk is awesome, whether you want to use this lap desk for yourself or give it as gift for your teacher. Made from pillow that covered by burlap, this is an easy project. Moreover, you can install monogram at the top of it.

DIY Wooden Lap Desk


With pillow and wood, you can create this amazing item. Even, it needs not to spend much money. Attach the pillow under the wood using hot glue or you may use nails as well.

Dark Brown Lap Desk


Get this cool and functional lap desk with DIY in less than three hours. However, you have to be able to show your carpentry skill. The good is that you get space more as storage to keep your pen, pencils, or even note book.

DIY Cupboard Door Lap Desk


If you have old cupboard, you can repurpose it as lap desk. What you need to do is repaint it with any color as you like. Here, the creator of this lap desk chooses blue color to make vintage lap desk look.

Wood Hairpin Leg Lap Desk


Anyone who loves nature will love this lap desk design. Follow the trend by using live edge wood board that combined well with hairpin legs makes this lap desk awesome. It looks great for Scandinavian room, rustic, modern, or other designs.

One Board Lap Desk


When you want to add rustic complement to your room, this one board lap desk may look as one choice. Look at the shade of stain that attractive. Furthermore, this item will not take much space on your bedroom.

Elegant Lap Desk


Do your project at your home right on your bedroom easily at this super elegant lap desk. Make form some wood; this item will add modern touch with natural feel. Or, do you want to have breakfast earlier at your bedroom? Use this lap desk!

Cute Lap Desk


Make a pillow lap desk easily to ease you doing your task at home. Design it with picture at the top of it for funnier look. This project will neither take much time nor money.

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