8 unique diy stepping stones to upgrade your garden look
8 unique diy stepping stones to upgrade your garden look

8 Unique DIY Stepping Stones To Upgrade Your Garden Look

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Build unique pathway for your garden is not hard. Install some stepping stones with sophisticated pattern will upgrade your garden look. DIY stepping stones are economical and decorative. Copy these stepping stone pattern ideas for your garden to upgrade it up. However, you may try different patterns as you like as well. Let’s check out!

Colorful Mosaic Stepping Stones


This pretty stepping stones will create huge effect to your garden design. With tiles, mosaics, and other decorative objects, this stepping stones looks fun and attractive. Even your kids will love it very much and wish to design it.

Pink Brick Stepping Stone


This is a sweet stepping stone ever! Look at the color and shape that will boost our mind right after our step. Just follow the tutorials and you will get this beautiful stepping stone for your garden.

DIY Stepping Stones With Geeky Touch


Enjoy your step at this walkway with unique pattern. With geeky touch, you will enjoy every time you pass this. Then, it will add your garden vocal interest.

With Colorful Stepping Stones


For the one who love colors, this stepping stone with hexagon pattern will improve your garden design. Create this funny craft with your kids to trigger their creativity. Then, enjoy this paver.

Stepping Stone Concrete


Anybody can create this stepping stone concrete that is budget friendly. You only need to have concrete and add some objects like shell, glass, or mosaics. Even, you can add your kid’s footprint for more personal feel.

DIY Leaf Imprint Concrete


Creating this stepping stone with leaf imprint bring you back to the nature. You don’t need to work hard. Due to it is a fun and easy project that can be done for less than a day. Stepping at this stone will remind us to save the nature.

Floral Pattern Stepping Stones


Stepping stones with floral pattern show you about simplicity. Go create it with your lovely kids this weekend. It is economical and give you a wonderful craft for upgrading your garden decor.

DIY Heart Stepping Stone


What a cute stepping stone is this. With bright pink color, you will feel like in your mother hug. Give this craft a s a gift for your mother. It helps you to show how you love your mother so much.

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