8 enchanting flooring ideas for more eye-catching entryway look
8 enchanting flooring ideas for more eye-catching entryway look

8 Enchanting Flooring Ideas For More Eye-Catching Entryway Look

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One of the busiest spot in our house is entryway. People walk in and out every day. Applying the most comfortable floor material for this area is important. There some flooring materials that will improve your entryway design. Check out these ideas;

Geometric Pattern Floor Tiles For Entryway


For a large space entryway, you can apply geometric pattern floor tiles called Twenties petal. It will make your entry way more modern. Combine with white brick walls to show this pattern floor. This is a more welcoming entryway design.

With Polished Concrete Floor


If you wish to have fabulous entryway design with fewer budgets, you can choose polished concrete floor. It will work well for living room as well. Further you can also combine it with large format tile for more attractive look.

Porcelain Floor Tiles With Pattern


Don’t be afraid of pattern for entryway design. Though, most of entryway provided in small space, but give pattern for it is great idea. It will fill the empty space without make it too busy. Porcelain with pattern is stronger and more stain resistant for entryway.

Small Hexagon Floor Tile For Entryway


Hexagon floor pattern may be found at classic buildings. Here, you can apply this pattern for entryway in different way. Create cross or flower pattern for more elegant appearance. Black and white hexagon tile looked as the best color or entryway.

Brick Paver Floor For Entryway


Bricks are cheap material that can be found easily. Those materials make your entryway appears in rustic style. Moreover bricks are water resistant. So, brick paver will work well for you who live in wet whether area.

Slate Floor Tile For Entryway


Applying slate floor tiles creates more charming entryway look. Made from natural stone, this flooring is durable. With neutral color tone, you can combine it with other flooring materials as well like ceramic, brick paver, or more.

Beach Pebble Floor Tile For Entryway


For a different entryway look, you can try to install beach pebble floor tile. It saves you from slippery. Furthermore, you will see an eye-catching floor that will blend with any entryway decor.

Cement Floor Tile for Entryway


Buy cement floor tile with pattern will upgrade your entryway look. It lives up your entryway and work well with any furniture. Actually, this cement combined with other materials mixture of limestone, marble, and natural colorants.

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