9 transitional bathroom styles with an inviting and warm feeling
9 transitional bathroom styles with an inviting and warm feeling

9 Transitional Bathroom Styles With An Inviting And Warm Feeling

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Transitional bathroom is very popular nowadays. This design is about the combination of contemporary and traditional style. You will have cold tone and warm touch in one bathroom. Transitional bathroom also appear like a spa room.

Beautiful Transitional Bathroom


This beautiful bathroom provides us a catchy tub for wonderful bath. It completed with a sunburst chandelier for unique touch. Then, a faux fur stool let you enjoy your time sitting at this bathroom while wash your foot. Further, mosaic tiles add a dramatic effect.

Chic And Elegant Transitional Bathroom


This grey shades bathroom work well for a modern home design. The owner adds a chic stand to put your soap, shampoo, or essentials. Take a look at the contemporary tub and a large mirror that show contemporary touch.

Transitional Bathroom With Marble Tiles


See this bathroom decoration with chevron clad floor tiles that looked as contemporary flooring idea. After that a traditional vanity with a marble countertop comes to add classic atmosphere. This bathroom is great with storage as well.

Simple Transitional Bathroom


The lighting you choose may impact a bathroom look. Like this transitional bathroom with lavender chandelier that look so quiet and cozy. There is artwork that hung on the wall for decorative accent. Then, an amazing blue porcelain stool works well with a chic tub.

Sophisticated Transitional Bathroom


This bathroom uses marble and grey tiles for contemporary look. Further, it added with a contemporary oval tub to have wonderful experience. You can install a wooden stool for seating too. Then, a seamless shower completes its look.

Transitional Bathroom With View


What an amazing bathroom design is this. Look at the existence of contemporary tub for wonderful bathing time. Moreover, the windows with sea views will relax your mind. You are given a vanity and an acrylic chair too.

Gorgeous Transitional Bathroom Space


Bathroom with marble tiles looked as contemporary style. Then a wooden stool adds a touch of traditional tone. A printed rug gives a touch of bohemian. Look at a catchy chandelier and a vintage-inspired tub that work well for cozy bathroom.

Elegant Transitional Bathroom


See the light grey paneling that work well with marble hex tiles on the floor to create an elegant bathroom view. Then, white furniture also makes this bathroom looks larger. At the end, a contemporary oval tub finishes this look very well.

Light-Filled Transitional Bathroom


For you who want to design your room into light-filled transitional bathroom, take a look at this. See a traditional white vanity with storage to keep your essentials, towel, and stuff. Then, a vintage tub and a pendant lamp create modern touch with  marble tiles.

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