8 diy clock design ideas for more personal touch
8 diy clock design ideas for more personal touch

8 DIY Clock Design Ideas For More Personal Touch

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A clock is functioned to show the time. However, it can be used as decorative wall accent as well. You will find thousands clock design on the store. If you wish to have unique and more personal clock design, you can create it. See these ideas to trigger your creativity;

DIY Domino Clock


This is a very easy DIY clock to upgrade your room decor. Just find out domino with its number to show time. Then attach them on the wall.

Photo Clock DIY


Don’t be worry to look for material! You can use your photo frame as new clock. Like this idea of photo clock DIY for your room accessory. Just collect twelve photo frames and arrange them as clock.

A Quick Outdoor Clock


When you want to add clock outside, this idea may look interesting for you. Look at this colorful DIY clock that great for outdoor. It makes major statement to your outdoor decor. Just hang this clock on your wall porch.

DIY Wood Slice Clock


Cut a slice of wood and write the number. Like this DIY wood slice clock that look rustic but inviting. Feel free to paint it or not. However, let it with its natural color will be much better.

DIY Spoon Clock


Can you imagine some spoons can be transformed into beautiful home accessory? Here it is a DIY clock made from some spoons that arranged beautifully like chrysanthemum. This clock is not only function to show time but also as decorative accent.

DIY Ornithology Clock


This is a unique clock that will upgrade your wall decor. Use two feathers to show the time. Then, create each number with bird egg pictures. This clock will remind us about the beauty of natural life.

DIY Pie Clock


Hang this cute pipe pan clock at your kitchen to remind you the time of cooking. It is pretty look and very easy to make. Even if you are a DIY newbie, you can make this clock in less than an hour.

Modern Geometric Clock


If you love modern design, you can try to create this DIY modern geometric clock for your home. It adds glamour touch to your room decor. The shape is simple like a mountain with natural color that will blend to any room.

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