8 DIY Furniture Transformation Ideas That Affordable For Anyone

8 diy furniture transformation ideas that affordable for anyone

When you feel bored with your old furniture, it is time to transform them into another way. Rather than buying new items that will spend more money, it will better to repurpose your old furniture. It will boost up your decor. Check out these ideas below;

Vintage Drink Station


Get perfect furniture transformation from your old side table. Repaint with vintage color and let it with its natural distressed for classic appearance. Make a hole to put bucket for drink storage. This is an easy project with great effect for your drink station.

Metal Sawhorse Desk


Dare to create a home office? Try this idea of using metal sawhorse for home office desk. Paint with any color as you like, you may apply vibrant color or neutral color. Then, add a drawer on the top of it.  Install upholstered chair as well for more attractive look.

Old Mirrored Closet Door


Add classic touch for your bathroom with old mirror. Paint the mirror with vintage color to get rustic appearance. You will have a unique mirror without spending much money.

Rolling Craft Table


Rolling craft table is repurposed from old rolling kitchen cart. Install your kid’s craft here. Choose any nook at your children room. Feel free to repaint it with vibrant color.

Unique Mini Library


You need to show your carpentry skill ability to create these amazing bookshelves. Made of some stools that arranged well as storage, this furniture will save your book collection.  Put it at your living room for a unique reading nook.

Side Table Dog Bed


When you already buy new side table, then you can repurpose your old one as new furniture. Like this idea of transforming old side table as dog bed. Remove the door and shelves. Then, add a soft pillow inside.

Bed Frames Chair


If you wish to have this unique chair, look for old bed frame first. Cut it a half vertically, then attach the footboard. Install foam that upholstered with patterned fabric for more attractive look. Switch with your room theme design.

Serving Tray Side Table


This is a unique side table, isn’t it? Made of serving table that attached well with stool legs. Then, this side table appears in a nice look. Make sure you apply enough glue to keep it more stable.

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