8 diy headboard designs for masculine bedroom look
8 diy headboard designs for masculine bedroom look

8 DIY Headboard Designs For Masculine Bedroom Look

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Men’s bedroom usually comes with black and white basic color. However, it is not a mistake to add other color as well. Masculine room deals with simple design with strong statement. One of the best parts to show masculinity at your bedroom is through headboard design. Check out these masculine headboards design further;

Masculine Bedroom With Cowhide


This bedroom is fantastic with cowhide headboard. Add industrial lighting for more attractive look. This bedroom looks masculine with simple decoration and fewer budgets too.

Bedroom With Minimal Design


Masculine room doesn’t need many elements. Like this bedroom with minimal design that simple and inviting with pendant lights at each side. Even, you can feel warmer and more welcome atmosphere from this bedroom.

Bedroom With Industrial Vibe


White brick walls bring this bedroom into industrial vibe. Moreover, the task lamps complete this bedroom look very well. Your son will love this bedroom with large window for his rest area.

Bedroom With Headboard Storage


Create headboard that is not only as decorative element but also functional. Like this bedroom with headboard as storage to keep anything. With wood as the basic material, this bedroom appears more masculine.

Bedroom With Pattern


Deal with masculine bedroom; you need to choose the most appropriate pattern. Look at this bedroom with horse pattern on the walls. Feel free to apply other animals like tigers, lions, or others.

World Map Headboard


Headboard design with world map tells you more about masculine bedroom theme. With black and white basic color tone, this bedroom will look more interesting for men.

Bedroom With Portrait


Look at the huge black and white portrait headboard at this bedroom! Though simple, this headboard design already shows you about masculine touch. Feel free to use any portrait or art framework, but make sure it is in black and white.

Bedroom With Chalkboard


With chalkboard as headboard, you can show your creation. Feel free to write, draw, or anything at the headboard to upgrade your bedroom. This simple bedroom design looks masculine and inviting. Even, it will blend with any furniture.

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