9 unique diy stools ideas that easy and cheap to upgrade your room decor
9 unique diy stools ideas that easy and cheap to upgrade your room decor

9 Unique DIY Stools Ideas That Easy And Cheap To Upgrade Your Room Decor

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Creating DIY stool will not take much time. Even, it is easy and budget-friendly. You can upgrade your room with various stool colors and shapes for more unique view. Whether tool or short stools, they will act as functional and decorative element. See these following DIY stool ideas to inspire you;

Folding Stool DIY


This stool will upgrade your room very well. Prepare printed fabric for cute stool appearance. Make it in various colors. This stool design will fit to any room decoration as well.

Upcycled Magazine Stool


If you have some old magazine, you can repurpose it as stool too. Just arrange them vertically and strap them with belt. After that, add wheels to make the stool easy to move.

Industrial-Inspired Look


Create a stool easily by using old pipe will upgrade your room decor. With this DIY stool you will have new furniture without losing much money. Get industrial touch with simple tutorial.

Concrete Stool DIY


Stool from concrete will timeless. Due to concrete will never go out of style. Create this concrete stool and spray it with any color paint as you like. You will need more time to have this stool but with amazing result.

Bucket Stool With Wood Leg


You can make these stools as many as you like. It is easy and cheap. Prepare bucket that made form concrete and some wood logs for legs. Then, play with spray paint for having various stool colors.

Foam Stool


Prepare a bucket and wrap it with foam. Choose any colors as your desire. Add four wood logs for legs. Put it anywhere at your room, whether for home office area, bedroom, or even living room space.

Wood Stool


This wood stool will add modern element to your room decor. However, you need to have at least basic carpentry skill to create this sophisticated wood stool. It will make your room look more elegant and inviting.

Rustic X Stool


This rustic X stool created from wood frame and leg. Add foam and cover with fabric. Use nails to make it stronger.

DIY Mongolian Stool


If you wish to have more unique and comfortable stool, this DIY Mongolian stool may become one of your dreams. Add furs at the top of this stool with pink legs.

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