8 diy woven wall hanging art ideas for spring or summer decor
8 diy woven wall hanging art ideas for spring or summer decor

8 DIY Woven Wall Hanging Art Ideas For Spring Or Summer Decor

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Whether you want to add hobo chic or folk decor, you can use a touch of woven wall hanging art. If you wish to add personal touch, you can create it at your free time this weekend. Prepare threads, scraps and yarn with various colors like red, white, pin, orange, or other colors as you like. Then, happy crafting!

Woven Wall Hanging With Wool Roving                                                                                             


Fill the empty space of your wall with this sophisticated wall art. Creating from yarn, you will gain bohemian wall decor look for free spirit. Further, it will make your room more delighted for summer and or spring.

DIY Simple Loom Piece


DIY newbie, this is good news for you. Simple loom piece for your wall will upgrade its look. Prepare various knots and fringe for creating this amazing loom. It helps you to gain boho look without spending much money.

Cute Woven Wall Hanging


Let’s see a cute woven wall hanging with red, white and light blue color for an attractive wall decor. This is to add fun element for your wall with little price. You only need to create this at your leisure time.

Earthy Color Weaving Piece


Come back to nature. This earthy color weaving space will add a touch of folk style for your wall. Orange, brown, black, and shades of rust enrich this woven creature. Even, the wood branch adds natural touch.

Woven Wall Hanging With Large Branch


Some knots and fringe show you a fun and attractive wall art. The large branch reminds us about the beauty of nature. Moreover, with plenty of colors, this piece will gain us to get boho or folk feel with simple look.

Woven Wall Hanging With Texture


This piece looks attractive for modern room design due to its wooden log. Further, it also leads us to get boho look. Red, pin, and white color makes this woven wall look so cute and sweet for girl’s room wall decor.

DIY Cute Holiday Wall Hanging


Though this DIY woven wall hanging actually made for holiday, but it looks good for any season. Look at the color of green white and pink that looks awesome anytime.  When you want to add spring touch just add pastel color.

DIY Rainbow Pom-pom Yarn Weaving


Add colorful pom-pom for your white woven creature will bring this piece to look more cheerful. Hang it for your kids room is great idea.

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