8 fun and attractive reading nook ideas that your kids will love
8 fun and attractive reading nook ideas that your kids will love

8 Fun And Attractive Reading Nook Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

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Teach your kids to love reading books by building a fun and attractive reading nook for them. You can use an empty space at their room, your hallway, or your closet as their reading nook. Make sure you apply attractive decoration to make them enjoy their reading time. See these following inspirations;

Simple Shelving Unit


This idea doesn’t need much more to do. Prepare a shelving unit to keep your kids books. Use the empty space of your kids room by displaying the title to attract their attention. Add a chair to let them enjoy reading time.

Window Nook Space


It uses the space next to the window. Your kids will gain more natural light to ease them read their favorite book. Build books shelves and add a set of seating space. You may add some toys to make your kids enjoy their activity.

Reading Treehouse occupies

Reading treehouse occupies

Create a space to make your kids love reading. It doesn’t have to expensive but attractive. Build floating shelves and put their books there. Install a stair and a place to read like a tree house.

Reading Nook At Hallway


If your kids room is not big enough to build a reading nook, you can use other space. Here, you can try to build reading nook for kids at hallway. Install shelves and a bench with storage underneath to keep more books.

DIY Reading Chair


Find wooden pallets to create a reclaimed wood chair for your kids reading nook. Of course, you don’t need to spend much money. The material is little price and with basic carpentry skill you will have this wonderful DIY reading chair.

Tiny Reading Nook


Your attic space can be changed as a beautiful reading nook. With simple decoration, bright lighting, and cheerful wall color you can create wonderful reading space for your kids. They will love to hide at this space to read their favorite book.

DIY Teepee Space For Reading Nook


Bring a sense of adventure to your kids room by creating this amazing DIY teepee. Add some books to teach them to love reading. They will play and read anytime with this fun reading nook decoration.

Wasted Space To Reading Nook


Transform your closet into more functional and fun thing. Here, the owner changes a closet as kids reading nook. Just install shelves to keep the books, a cushion, and some pillows on the closet with bright lighting.

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