8 fabulous modern kitchens with classic bar stools to look totally nice
8 fabulous modern kitchens with classic bar stools to look totally nice

8 Fabulous Modern Kitchens With Classic Bar Stools To Look Totally Nice

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Modern kitchen doesn’t have to use only modern items. We can install classic bar stools to get vintage touch without break out the design. Those will not only functional elements but also decorative items. They are good to fill the empty space of your kitchen. Check out these ideas below;

Contemporary L-Shaped Kitchen


L-shaped kitchen works well with vintage bar stools with backrest. Those stools are strong with some metal elements that support the function. You can do anything while waiting your meals cooked at one of these stools.

Brown Kitchen Look


In this kitchen, you can see beautiful countertop that made from wood material. Then, when you want to spend more time at this part, sit at the vintage stools with backrest. Overall, this kitchen shows you about retro and modern furniture combination.

All-White Kitchen


White color brings this kitchen to look large and bright. Then, a warm contrast stools are there to add vintage touch. You can sit down and have a warm conversation with your spouse at this seating spot anytime you need.

Kitchen With Unique Stools


Look at those unique stools. They are like chairs but with long legs made from metal. Even the color already tells us about vintage style. Furthermore, those vintage stools can be the most attractive furniture items at this cooking space.

Clean And Modern Kitchen


With minimal ornament, exposed beams, and vintage metal stools are in a great combination for this clean kitchen look. This space shows us how vintage and contemporary style work together for a sophisticated room.

Fairly Muted Kitchen


The cooking space is decorated in modern style while the dining space is in traditional look. Then, you can see the stools which are vintage industrial tone. Those elements come to attach fabulous kitchen design.

Comfy Wooden Kitchen


This is a dreamy cooking space that most women will love. Take a look at wooden floor that makes this kitchen looks sleek and inviting. Then, the owner of this house also adds vintage bar stools. Then, see the modern lighting that complete its beauty.

Kitchen With Mid-Century Tone


This kitchen adopts mid-century touch form its turquoise bar stools. Look at the clear-finish white oak cabinets that add a touch of rustic style. Then the countertop looks modern.

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