How to install classic pieces in every room for your home
How to install classic pieces in every room for your home

How To Install Classic Pieces In Every Room For Your Home

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If you wish to keep a cohesive look of your house, try to add classic items. Since vintage furniture is timeless, it will not make your home decor look monotonous. However, you need to consider your room design before adding vintage pieces. Make sure the color, texture, and or pattern will not break your style. These are what you need to consider installing classic pieces on your home;

An Attractive Mirror


Decorate a room into classic style need a role of classic mirror. This silver mirror comes to upgrade your room. It an be for powder room or vanity room with a touch modern geometric vibe but with vintage element.

Sophisticated Console Table                                              


Install a slim console table for upgrading your entryway or any space. Choose the one that long with slender legs for a vintage look. Add some decorative elements like mirror, a vase of flowers, green plants, or more.

Functional Nightstand


Get a nightstand to be placed next to your bed. It will ease you to put anything such as phone, books, your eyeglasses or even watch. Furthermore, the bedroom will appear cleaner and tidier with white nightstand.

Add Lounge


When you get tired after doing your project, rest yourself at this sophisticated lounge. It can be used for sleeping or just sitting while reading your most favorite book. Enjoy anytime you to get relax at this comfy seating area.

Classic Elegant Accessory


The existence of accessory will add artistic value to your room. Install some elegant accent just like beautiful tray or dishes for upgrading your table decor. Choose the accessory that looks great for any season.

Simple And Minimalist Dining Table


There are various dining tables that can be installed for your dining room. Too gain vintage style you need to have a dining set made from wood. So, it can blend with any home decor.

Add Neutral Rug


You may have colorful and patterned rug in your room. However, a neutral rug will be fit to any room style. Even, it will never go out of style. Choose rug with neutral color like brown, cream, or earthy tone.

Choose Structural Sofa


To add classic touch for your living room, you can inject a structural sofa. Feel free to choose any color, pattern, and or texture as you like or fit it to your room style. This structural sofa also can be installed for your bedroom.

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