8 ways to install plants on bathroom for more refreshing space
8 ways to install plants on bathroom for more refreshing space

8 Ways To Install Plants On Bathroom For More Refreshing Space

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Installing plants for bathroom will not only upgrade the look but also purify the air. So that, you can relive stress, boost your mood, and take back your energy after bathing. Choose any plants that are water-loving, easy maintenance, and can live with limited sun light. Check out these ways;

Use Bathroom Corner


If you install a bathtub with corner, you can put some potted green plants. In other ways, you can install water-loving plant as well that is easy maintenance. This spot will upgrade your bathroom look whenever you replace the plant with the new one.

Exploit Bathroom Windowsill


Don’t waste your old wine or soda bottle away. It can be used for other purposes. Like this sophisticated idea of using old bottle as planter for green plants. Then, put it at your bathroom windowsill to ease the plant attach natural sun light.

Shelves With Plants At Bathroom Wall


It shouldn’t have to with many shelves but two is enough for gorgeous planters like this picture. Make sure that your design will not look over power or clutter. It will be great to paint the wall with neutral color like white or beige.

Add Pegboard


Apply pegboard to put some planters for bathroom will not take much time. You can buy it at store or create it. Then, style the planters as you like whether you will hang them or put them on the pot. Choose air plants or water-loving plants will be much better.

Utilize Ceiling Spot


If you don’t have enough space to put your plants, use your ceiling spot is great idea. Plant your plants on a basket or pot. Then, hang them on ceiling with rope. It will create sophisticated look and make the bathroom fresher.

Around Your Bath


This is a pretty great idea. Use around bath spot will make us feel relax and calm. Even, it looks like a spa. Spend your “me time” here will boost your mood and increase your spirit. Just prepare some potted plants and a wooden palette.

Wire Shelf For Plants


Display your green plants at wire shelf will ease you to create a clean and clear bathroom. Even those plants will become the focal interest of this bathroom. Furthermore, they will gain better natural light every morning too.

Create A Jungle Look


Put your green plants at any spot on your bathroom. Make it looks like a jungle. Use the space of your nook to put your potted plants. Then, utilize the floor for larger pot. Don’t forget to exploit the ceiling space as well.

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