8 inspiring attic bathrooms to maximize sloped space
8 inspiring attic bathrooms to maximize sloped space

8 Inspiring Attic Bathrooms To Maximize Sloped Space

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Some homeowners choose to use attic space for more functional spot like bedroom or bathroom. When you prefer to build bathroom rather than bedroom, you need to consider the elements for it. Think about small bathtub, vanity, and other stuffs. Don’t let your furniture too crowded to fill the space. See ideas below;

Irresistible Bathroom With Skylight


An attic bathroom with yellow tiles wall will gain this space to look warm and chic. Combine with creamy white hexagon tile will bring it larger. Then, the small bathtub will save this room space. Skylight completes its decoration to look more inviting.

Embrace Sloped Ceiling


Rather than leaving sloped ceiling be empty, it will be better to utilize them as part of your attic bathroom decor. Hang a circular mirror underneath to reflect the light for larger space illusion. Then, install down lighting to spruce it up.

Cottage Vibe For Attic Bathroom


Look at this retro style bathroom that will be great for your attic space. There are two sconces hung on the wall with a mirror between them. Then, a retro look sink looked cohesive with shiplap wall before it. They are totally nice.

Bathroom With Dormer Windows


Imagine that you will take a bath under dormer windows with plenty of natural light. Every morning you will get warm sensation comes from sun light. Then, this place doesn’t need more lighting because it is already looked bright and airy.

Rustic Attic Bathroom


You can see more wooden materials at this rustic attic bathroom. Look at the floor, vanity, and the ceiling that consist of wood elements. The owner of this house chooses to apply ceiling light to brighten up this space.

Large Attic Bathroom


If you are lucky with large attic space, use it for bathroom is nice. Even, you can create it for couple bathroom with two vanities. Choose to install larger bathtub for more comfortable bath time. Don’t forget to install a mirror.

Cozy Retro Attic Bathroom


Build an attic bathroom without bathtub is enough. Like this picture that shows you a bathroom with built-in shower bench to take a bath. Black color tiles support the idea of monochromatic bathroom for a retro touch.

Ultramodern Attic Bathroom


Gain more natural light through the existence of glass window next to the bathtub. The wall with white subway tile makes the sloped wall seems blend. Though you only have small attic space, you can copy this bathroom design too.

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