9 Artistic Rooms With Large-Scale Photography That Will Blow Your Mind

9 artistic rooms with large-scale photography that will blow your mind

Add artwork for a room will give aesthetic value for it. It doesn’t have to in term of expensive wall accents. A large or more photographs is enough to spruce up your room wall space. Choose the picture with neutral color is fine but feel free to try other photographs.

Neutral Photograph


Blue and white photograph will always be fit with any kinds of room decoration. Like this family room with large neutral photograph hang on the wall. It seems calm and warm to fill the walls and blends with this room furniture items.

Black And White Photograph For Home Office


This home office is design with classic touch. You can see the desk and lighting that fill this room with retro feeling. The sleek and black-and-white photograph finishes this room design perfectly.

With A Large Portrait


It doesn’t have to in a term of scenery, abstract picture, or natural paintings. You can inject a large portrait of somebody for your room too. Just make sure it will spruce up your room without bother the design.

Living Room With Splash Of Purple


If you have a large living room space, you can improve its design with various ways. One of them is installing a large photograph. However, you need to consider the style of your living room firstly before installing this amazing splash of purple.

Gold Photograph


Do you want to install a large photograph for your bedroom? Look at this idea of large photograph with gold color hang over the sideboard. First of all, you need to consider the style of your bedroom and think more about what photograph that well match with it.

Landscape Photograph For Family Room


A large landscape photograph makes this room more inviting and warmer. Even that photograph add more relaxing element for this room. It looks blend with the family room theme and everything between.

Photograph For Entryway


An entryway usually located at a small space. You don’t need to add more accent walls for it. Here, you can add two large photographs to fill the wall space. Sailboat picture will remind us about the beauty of sea.

Large Island Over Drawer


A mid century dresser usually stands alone in a room nook. However, you need to apply other wall accents over it to fill the empty space. Like this ideas of using a large island photograph in landscape shape.

Large Photograph On A Bedroom


This is a dreamy bedroom design that not every people can afford. With large space and sophisticated furniture items, this bedroom is pretty admirable. Then, a great photograph hang on the wall looks awesome over the headboard.



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