8 easiest ways to upgrade your apartment rental on budget
8 easiest ways to upgrade your apartment rental on budget

8 Easiest Ways To Upgrade Your Apartment Rental On Budget

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Someone who rents an apartment shouldn’t have to live in a monotonous design. Though the apartment cannot be changed, but the furniture or accent will easily be changed to improve its look. However, you still be able to decor your apartment on budget. Like these following ways;

Utilize Your Storage


No matter what your apartment style, installing dresser is a must. It will not only function as storage to keep your goods, but also can be used to display your collection. You will gain a tidy room that looks stylish as well.

Install A Rug


Installing rug for room will dramatically change it looks. You can find out various rug pattern and textures that will fit to your style. Even, you can layer more than one rugs for a gorgeous room decoration.

Maximize Window Treatment


When you want to make your room appears larger, using long curtain will upgrade it up. This design will maximize our visual. With this simple trick your room looks like having high ceiling.

Use Removable Wallpaper


Removable wallpaper looked as the best idea to add wallpaper for your wall. Whenever you want to change its look, you can easily remove it without a trace. You can easily find it at store with various patterns.

Install Floating Shelves


If you don’t have any space to install bookshelf, you still be able to display your books. The way is easy and cheap. Just install floating shelves on the wall by using plain wood. Then, you can easily arrange your books.

Add More Plants


Let your wall in white color to ease you to combine with any room decor. You can add some pattern and texture for more attractive look. Then, personalize it with some plants. Feel free to hang it on ceiling, wall, or other ways.

Maximize Your Lighting


Transform your apartment design by changing its lighting. You can definitely buy a chandelier or pendant light to swap your room look. Or, if you are creative enough you can create your own lamps for a touch of personal style.

Add Gallery Walls


You can easily upgrade your room by changing your wall appearance. Most people use wallpaper to give fabulous wall decor. However, you don’t have to install wallpaper, you can use gallery wall to upgrade your wall look.

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