8 fascinating bedrooms with old wood beams to inspire you
8 fascinating bedrooms with old wood beams to inspire you

8 Fascinating Bedrooms With Old Wood Beams To Inspire You

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Old wood can be used for more functional way. Here, old wood is great for beams. Even, it plays role as decorative accent for bedroom ceiling as well. Since wood is natural material that will never go out of style, using old wood for ceiling beams seems as better choice. Look at these bedrooms with beams for your inspiration;

Beautiful Turquoise Bedroom


Get rid of bed dreams every night with this fascinating turquoise bedroom. With colorful vibrant and pattern, you will see an amusing bedroom ever. Look at the beams on the ceiling that play big role as unique touch.

Simple Bedroom With Beams


Don’t be sad with small bedroom. You are still able to design it beautifully with beams as like the picture. Combine with simple night stand and lamp. Then, distressed cabinet near the window also completes this bedroom look.

Contemporary Bedroom With Beams


Beams don’t have to look rustic. It can be modern bedroom look with beams as well. The beams on the ceiling blend with white color makes this bedroom more elegant. Pay attention to the lighting, it affects the decoration as well.

Bedroom With Cutting Trees


What about this bedroom? Even it seems like a hotel’s room. The cutting trees on the ceiling play big role and affects this room decor. Those big beams look unique and inviting. You will never want to leave this room any more.

All In White Bedroom


Look at this amusing bedroom that all in white. The designer applies white walls, white fireplace, and white bed for more elegant bedroom look. However, the beams are natural.

Two Large Chunks Of Wood


This is an attic bedroom with two large chunks of wood on the ceiling. The beams take big part to create fascinating bedroom look. Even, you need not to paint them at all.

Farmhouse Look Bedroom


This farmhouse bedroom provides you a warm and cozy atmosphere. Stay away from busy activities for a while and take a rest better at this bedroom.

Stunning Bedroom With Beams


This bedroom tells you more about traditional bedroom with exposed beams. Even the fireplace looks more stunning with surrounded by stone. Then, look at the door that is interesting and fun. Overall, this is a dreamy bedroom look.

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