8 cool herbs planters for you who want to have sophisticated indoor garden
8 cool herbs planters for you who want to have sophisticated indoor garden

8 Cool Herbs Planters For You Who Want To Have Sophisticated Indoor Garden

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Live in a small apartment and or condominium makes you hard to find outdoor area to plant herbs. Though you only want to plant basil, you need to find the space. However don’t worry, you still be able to have herbs plant, not only basil but also other herbs you want, by using indoor planter. See these following ideas that may inspire you;

Hands-Off Plant


If you wish to have a low maintenance indoor herb for your kitchen space, plant this hands-off plant. You need to buy a self-watering herb pot to ease you. With this way, you don’t need to water it by your hand every day, because it already gets the water from the pot.

Jar Herb Garden For Indoor


This idea works well for you who want to plant basil and mint. Put your plants in front of glass window to let them get more natural light.

Cute Window Pot


Hang your planter by using this small window plant pod.  This way will allow your herb get enough light to grow up well. Furthermore, it can be functioned as decorative accent as well. if you don’t want to hang it, you can put at the windowsill.

Cool Wall-Mounted Planter Box


Wall-mounted wall will add a touch of unique wall decor for your room. It is made from wood. Even you can plant various plants like cacti, succulent, herbs, basil, or other indoor plants.

Indoor Hanging Garden


This is great hanging garden that can be used for decorative accents too. Put it on your desk or any space near the window. Don’t forget to water it periodically to have it grow well.

Triple Hanging Planter


A place after the window is the best area to hang your indoor plants. Use this triple hanging planter will create a cool indoor garden appearance. You may plant succulents, cacti, or indoor herbs or combination of them.

Hydroponic Planter


Modern farmer will take this idea sooner. Hydroponic planter comes as one of the best way to plant herbs indoor. It helps the one who want to plant herbs but doesn’t have outdoor garden and hard to find soil.

Herb Cart Garden


This is a perfect indoor planter that will upgrade your room look. Watch your garden grow easily by built-in LED lights and a self-watering system. For the one who is busy, this herb cart garden is great idea.

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