8 cozy samples of bathroom designs with small carpet
8 cozy samples of bathroom designs with small carpet

8 Cozy Samples Of Bathroom Designs With Small Carpet

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Even a single carpet could create amazing look for a bathroom decor. No matter it is for a big or small bathroom, the uses of carpet to complete it will affect the whole design.  It comes to add warm and cozy feeling. If you want to install a carpet to finish your bathroom design, take a look for these following ideas below to inspire you!

Contemporary Bathroom


Bathroom with wooden floor provide a warm and comfy place. It looks more attractive with the use of glass wall that shows us the beauty of green plants outside. Hence, you can replace it with wallpaper or wall mural too.

Beautiful Furry Piece


White bathroom with two vanities is great for a contemporary bathroom. The bathtub is placed near the window to see beautiful view outside. Then, a furry carpet that has the same color with tile looks parallel and inviting.

With Striped Pattern Carpet


The powder room and bathroom are in one place with fabulous design. With wooden floor and striped carped, this bathroom will make you feel calm and comfy. With plenty storage you will love this design too.

Bathroom With Small Carpet


A shower room with glass wall looks modern. Then, the white bathtub is another choice to have a great take a bath experience. Wooden palette works well with small carpet and a stool on it.

White Bathroom With Carpet


This is a clean and neat bathroom with color for all. However, the owner of this house installs a carpet to finish its design. Look at the simple patterned carpet at the bottom of bathtub! It dramatically makes this bathroom more attractive.

Pretty Weird Bathroom


You can see modern dresser and eye-catching floor tile at this white and soft bathroom. Then, a grey faux fur carpet and two faux wood stools is in contrast that show you about rustic touch. The windows are in black for a simple touch.

Orange Bathroom


If you live in a cold whether area, you can apply this bathroom design. With orange color for a touch of warm and piece, you will never want to leave this space.

Long Carpet For Bathroom


This is a narrow bathroom for a small space. Look at the shower room with colorful tile. Then a long powder room with modern sink and long mirror enliven this bathroom look. Further, the owner of this house also adds long striped color carpet to finish.

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