8 u-shaped kitchen designs for more effective and efficient cooking
8 u-shaped kitchen designs for more effective and efficient cooking

8 U-Shaped Kitchen Designs For More Effective And Efficient Cooking

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U-shaped kitchen allows you to move around in one foot to gain anything you need for cooking. This kitchen style usually used for a restaurant for easier cooking activities. If you apply this style for your cooking space, you will get effective workflow and or traffic flow. Further, preparing food will be more efficient.

French-Inspired U-Shaped Kitchen


This adorable kitchen design may be applied at contemporary house style. Look at the open shelves that not only functions to save your utensils but also display it beautifully. Then, there is a shelf for keeping your books too.

Solid Wood Kitchen


U-shaped kitchen from solid wood make it appears warm. Furthermore, this kitchen is full with Caesar stones that look sleek and neat. There are plenty of natural lights too.

U-Shaped Kitchen With Central Island


Shorter u-shaped kitchen is also great to copy. Moreover, this design completed with central island for a touch of sophisticated look. Wooden material makes this cooking space looks warm and cozy.

Dark Wood For U-Shaped Kitchen


Large cabinet made from dark wood also mind blowing. It also works well for dresser and chairs, while the walls and floors are in brighter color.

U-Shaped For Narrow Kitchen


U-shape also works well for a narrow kitchen. You can choose the furniture items like cabinet, sink, or other stuffs that only take small space. For you who only have tiny area for your cooking space, this design is recommended.

Bright Turquoise U-Shaped Kitchen


Beach style will bring us to feel relax and fresh. Like this kitchen with beach-inspired design. Bright turquoise that applied at kitchen backsplash and cabinet seems eye-catching.  Even the lighting completes this style attractively.

U-Shaped Kitchen For Small Space


Imagine that you cook at this space every day. With great material and calm color, this cooking space will boost your mood. Here, you can cook any foods you love in bright and airy room.

Cool U-Shaped Kitchen


Wooden kitchen will bring us to a warm place. This kitchen uses black granite to fill the countertop that looks glam.  Further, the cabinet, drawers, and floor are at the same material to bring warm and cozy cooking space.

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