8 modern condo bedroom designs with grey color touch
8 modern condo bedroom designs with grey color touch

8 Modern Condo Bedroom Designs With Grey Color Touch

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Condo bedroom usually looks neat, sleek, simple, and minimalist. It is due to the fact that condominium only provides us a small space. Make sure that we don’t use many furniture items that will make it looks too crowded. However, we do think for avoiding monotonous bedroom design too. Sure, we have to think over the color as well. One of the best colors for condo bedroom to look modern and chic is gray. You can see these ideas further;

Gray With Green Touch


A gray bedroom may look simple and neat. However, it is not a mistake to combine it with other colors. The owner of this condo tries to install green color to add fresh look. Then, there are plants to upgrade this bedroom style too.

Contemporary Grey Condo Bedroom


White bed for gray bedroom looks awesome and comfy. Gray shiplap floor also makes this room appears sleek and tidy. Even the dark carpet completes this bedroom theme very well. Make sure to apply glass window.

Reclaimed Flooring For Condo Bedroom


The combination of modern and rustic style can be seen through this condo bedroom decor. Look at the reclaimed flooring that looks natural that works well with bedding style. Even the lamp and side table is perfectly awesome.

Gray Bedroom With Pops of Yellow


Actually gray color can be combined well with many colors. Like this amazing condo bedroom with pops of yellow touch that look shiny.

Striking Design Condo Bedroom


This is a dreamy condo bedroom that will blow your mind. Look at the urban view that can be seen through the glass window. The walls appear with glamour pattern for an eye-catching decorative accent.

Gorgeous Condo Bedroom


Grey walls, grey headboard, and grey hexagon carpet bring this bedroom in a cohesive look. You can see the mirrored wall complete its design beautifully.

Condo Bedroom With More Textures


The combination of grey and purple creates a sophisticated bedroom design. Look at the faux fur rug, white blanket, and some pillows that finish this bedroom beautifully. Then, the dresser with eclectic touch is brilliant.

Condo Bedroom With Shades Of Grey


This condo bedroom looks modern and sleek with the utilization of shades of grey. White color bedroom makes it softer. Overall, this is a great condo bedroom for men and comfy for women.

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