8 ideas to decorate oversized mirror for more stylish entrance look
8 ideas to decorate oversized mirror for more stylish entrance look

8 Ideas To Decorate Oversized Mirror For More Stylish Entrance Look

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Decorating entrance is important. Due to it is the first place where anybody will see right after they come to your home. Oversize mirror will make your entrance more stylish and attractive. It will reflect natural light and make your space look larger.

With Refined Frame With Detailing


An entrance with oversized mirror doesn’t have to for big space, even a small space can apply too. Like this picture of oversize mirror with refined frame. Further, you will get a space for storage too.

With Curved Mirror


If you love antique design for your entrance, choose curved mirror with large wooden frame. Add a bench and some pillows to complete this space decoration without looked too crowded.

An Oversized Square Mirror


For a touch of vintage feel, apply an oversized mirror with square shape and wooden frame. Add a vintage table and unique wooden chair too. Look! Even it is only a little space behind the door; you can create a fancy entrance decor.

For Scandinavian Entrance


Oversized mirror for entrance can be fit to any room decor, included Scandinavian entrance too. Let see how this distressed frame looks awesome with a distressed tin table too. Then, the whitewashed floor also completes the look.

A Vintage Mirror In A Metal Frame


An entrance with vintage mirror looks fancy with upholstered bench. Complete it with a white rug for better ambience. Finish it with some decorative accents like a vase of flowers and pillow. Choose bright color for more eye-catching look.

Square Mirror With Curved Corners


Designing entrance will neither take much time nor money. It only needs a square mirror with curved corner and a vase of cacti. Then, you can choose to apply a blanket or tiny rug on the floor.

Oversized Round Mirror


For you want to apply modern entrance look, you can copy this idea. An oversized round mirror looks sophisticated with wooden bench. Then, add books, patterned pillow, and a vase of greenery. Further, wooden floor finish it beautifully.

Entrance With Large Silver Mirror


For a touch of contemporary look, you can have large silver mirror. Then, a silver tufted bench completes its look very well. This space is awesome, though you only add two pillows.


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