8 smart ideas to hide small office inside furniture piece
8 smart ideas to hide small office inside furniture piece

8 Smart Ideas To Hide Small Office Inside Furniture Piece

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Dare to build a home office but don’t have any space? Don’t worry you still able to get what you dream. Try to use your furniture piece. Build home office inside furniture piece, like a bureau, a large cabinet, and or an armoire. Even, you can install some shelves as storage inside them.

Desk Inside White Cabinet


Build your home office inside a wardrobe is pretty simple. Just use one of the spaces as a desk. Take a chair whenever you want to start working. At the space underneath, you can use it for storage by adding a basket.

A Desk Hidden In A Closet


Look at the space of this closet that used for building a home office. No need carpentry skill to create this amazing area. Just install your stuffs and put at the shelf. The space under it can be use as storage to put basket bin.

Inside The Stairs


Utilize the space inside the stairs to create a home office is brilliant. This way will help you to keep your room tidy and neat. Add a stool for you to sit while doing your project at home.

Mini Office Hidden In A Blue Closet


Don’t think too hard for building a home office nook. You can use the unused space inside your closet. Even, it looks like small room. Furthermore, it has plenty space for storage as well.

The Space Of Corner Armoire For Hiding A Desk


You can install an armoire at your dining room or any rooms of your home. Then, build a home office inside that. Just inject your computer and some stuff on it. Then, add a comfy chair or stool, as you like.

Use Corner Hideaway Computer Desk


Your hideaway may be tiny space. However, we can use it for more functional space. Inject a cabinet at the corner. Then, inject a computer on it. When you done your project, you can close it again and the room looks pretty clean.

Hidden Desk In A Bookcase


In a built-in cabinet at your home can be used for a home office as well. Look at the picture with folding desk and a chair.

With Space-Saving Pocket Doors


A space behind the door is one the best places to build a hidden storage. After that, you can use on of the shelves for desk.


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