8 epic ways to bring spring on your bathroom with living wall
8 epic ways to bring spring on your bathroom with living wall

8 Epic Ways To Bring Spring On Your Bathroom With Living Wall

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One of the most favorite wall decor trends nowadays is living wall. Get more natural feeling through the implication of living walls on your bathroom soon. Plant greenery, lush, or succulent for your bathroom walls that low- maintenance. Apply it for shower room, over the sink zone, or near bathtub. Check out these ideas further;

Shower With A Bright Living Wall


Add a touch of tropical feeling to your shower room by building living wall. Make it brighter by applying glass wall too. It gives you fresh air and wonderful experience too.

Super Lush Greenery Wall


A small bathroom also can be added with living wall as well. Choose tropical leaves to freshen up your bathroom wall space. Install a mirror for a touch of elegant and fabulous look. Just make sure to maximize lighting.

Living Moss Wall


Look at this bathroom with wooden wall. Tremendously, this part also has living moss that adds natural tone. The white bathtub seems as the best place to relax. The owner adds a faux fur rug for a touch of chic feeling.

Moss Wall In Modern Bathroom


Modern bathroom needs natural touch as well. Like this picture that shows you a bathroom with stones, wood, and moss wall that comfy. A round mirror hung on the wall act as sophisticated accent.

Sink With Living Wall


A bathroom sink with tile and mirror is sleek and tidy. Furthermore, the living wall adds green for a touch of natural feeling. Even this bathroom looks more stylish and attractive with greenery on the wall.

Lush Greenery Wall Next To Bathtub


Can you imagine taking a bath at this bathroom? Feel the fresh air, see the green leaves, and enjoy the sensation of natural touch every day. You will get your good mood back right after washing your body.

Greenery Wall And Some Potted Plants


This is a cool idea for adding green plants into your bathroom. Look at the green living wall, potted plants, and white pebble at this bathroom that real attractive. Combine with dark wall and dark floor with plenty of natural light.

Living Wall Beside Bathtub


It is not only a trend but timeless design that will upgrade your bathroom wall decor. Greenery is fresh and natural. It will make us feel relax and calm. It will better for you to build it for full sidewall. It is real awesome, isn’t it?


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