8 examples of diy toothbrush holder that easy to make
8 examples of diy toothbrush holder that easy to make

8 Examples Of DIY Toothbrush Holder That Easy To Make

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Though only some toothbrushes but those items will cause clutter if you can’t organize them. So, you need storage to keep them neat. Instead of buying toothbrush holder on the store, it will be better for you to create it. See these examples of DIY toothbrush holder that easy to make below;

Natural Birch Round


Tooth brush holder can be made only by a round wood. You don’t any special skills to create this amazing storage. Just find out a round wood and create holes for holding your toothbrushes and or toothpaste.

Old Box Toothbrush Holder


This is a simple project that can be done by anyone. Look for an old box and create some holes for holding your toothbrush. No need to paint the box if you love natural color. However, repaint it with vibrant color will give a touch of funky look.

Large Plastic Cap


This is a creative idea that need not budget. Take some large plastic caps to create this toothbrush holder. Even it can be a simple project for your kids too.

Wooden Toothbrush Holder


This is more than just storage. You can use this toothbrush holder as bathroom decorative accent too. Choose bright natural wood for a touch of attractive item. You can show or hide it on your cabinet.

Rope Toothbrush Holder


You can take a Mason jar or just a glass. Then, cover it with rope with pattern to look more eye-catching. Put on your toothbrushes and or tooth paste on it. This is a pretty holder that will also function as decorative item too.

Animal Toothbrush Holder


This is a cute holder that may attract your kids too. Find out an animal wooden figurine at store. Then, paint it with any color as it will match with your bathroom decor. Or, it will be great if you can create the animal shape.

Concrete Toothbrush Holders


Add a piece of unique accent to your bathroom decoration is not hard. Create this concrete toothbrush by using cardboard that poured with cement. Then, let it dry.

Shabby Chic Toothbrush Holder


When you don’t have any space to put your toothbrush holder, try the wall. Find out a wood plain and hang it on the wall. Then, attach a Mason jar on the wood plank with hook. Put your toothbrushes on the Mason jar.

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