8 ideas to gain girlish spaces with pink diy furniture makeovers
8 ideas to gain girlish spaces with pink diy furniture makeovers

8 Ideas To Gain Girlish Spaces With Pink DIY Furniture Makeovers

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Most women love pink. It looks cute, sweet, and cheerful. Apply pink for furniture items can also boost women mood. Pink is girly color that makes women feel like a princess. Use pink color to makeover your old furniture items to add feminine touch. Check out these ideas below;

Fabulous Fuchsia Dresser Makeover


Most women love fuchsia for their furniture items. You can apply it for your dresser too. With a simple painting, you can use spray paint too, you will gain this shabby chic furniture item. Apply for bedroom nook or anywhere.

Pink Copper Pipe Desk


What a sweet desk. By using copper pipe, you can create a child desk like this. Add plain board that already painted in pink. Combine with white fur carpet for a dreamy learning area.

Pink Cotton Candy


This dresser will look attractive to be put at your little girl’s room. The use of soft pink color makes it sweet and charming. Combine with white for a touch of calm. Or, you can combine pink with red for a touch of vibrant.

Fuchsia Bookcase Makeover


When your bookcase already look boring, change its color is the easiest way. Like this idea of using fuchsia color to freshen it up. This space will directly boost your girl whenever she comes to this place.

Simple Shabby Chic Blush Vanity


Add classic touch to your room by creating this simple shabby chic blush vanity. It will only spend little price. Your old distressed vanity should be painted with milk pain and pink for attaching shabby chic look.

Mid-Century Blush Chair


By using spray paint, you can makeover your old chair into this sophisticated look. With copper leg, this chair will be more durable. Further, pink is nice for a calm and cozy seating.

Office Fur Chair


Upgrade your office chair look by adding pink faux fur. It will not only look brighter but also softer. Combine with white bench for a touch of simple but charming home office look. This DIY chair makeover will not take much time, as long as you have sewing ability.

Pretty Pink Vanity


Vanity or powder room is one of the most important places for women. So, it should be arranged well. Makeover vanity with pink color will make it fresher and prettier. Apply pink color for both, bench and desk.

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