10 bedrooms with animal heads decor for a touch of unique appeal
10 bedrooms with animal heads decor for a touch of unique appeal

10 Bedrooms With Animal Heads Decor For A Touch Of Unique Appeal

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Adding animal heads for your bedroom decor will add a touch of unique appeal. You can combine this wall accent for any bedroom styles. No matter traditional, transitional, contemporary, Scandinavian, or more. If you want to decor your bedroom with animal head, take a look at these examples below;

Farm-Bay County bedroom


See this bedroom with deer heads over the headboard. The owner put those animal heads attached on dark wooden wall. For you who live in western country, you can copy this look for warmer bedroom feels.

Bedroom With Flora And Fauna


What a charming bedroom! Look at the striped color wall that looks so crunchy. Then the ceiling is funky with yellow color too. On the wall the owner adds a framed mirror and white animal head for accent.

Above The Fireplace


This room with animal head above fireplace is nice and warm. Further, it blends with other animals on the top of mantel. A cowhide is between two beds. The wall color is neutral. So, you can add more accent as you like.

White Deer Head


Green wall and white deer head looks contrast but amazing. The furniture items are made from wood. So, you can feel more welcoming room. Though it uses concrete floor, but the use of rug with modern pattern is nice.

With Two Heads


This is a simple bedroom design. However, the two different heads over headboard create huge statement.

Kid’s Bedroom With Animal Heads


Your kids will love to see three different animal heads on the wall. White goat head, zebra heads, and giraffe head are cute and attractive. It will blend with any wall colors.

Romantic Bedroom With Animal Head


What a dreamy romantic bedroom! See how lavender and white combined well at this room design. The chandelier adds a touch of elegant touch. Then, an animal head over the bed brings a sense of natural but chic.

Wall Decor With Horns


Animal heads with horns also work well for contemporary bedroom. Combine with pink throws for a touch of sweet and calm feeling. No other wall accents needed any more.

Animal Head For Teen Bedroom


Teen bedroom usually comes with vibrant colors and more patterns. The idea of adding animal heads on the wall is pretty great too.

White Ceramic Animal Heads


No more words to say. This is awesome bedroom design with three different animal heads. Elephant, rhinoceros, and deer heads on the wall are awesome.

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