8 best tips to build mezzanine for beautiful and useful interior design
8 best tips to build mezzanine for beautiful and useful interior design

8 Best Tips To Build Mezzanine For Beautiful And Useful Interior Design

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Usually, mezzanine is opened to public. Though this space is built above of existing room, but it can be seen clearly from below. It could be used for home office, bedroom, or reading nook. There are various ways to design mezzanine. However, consider these following tips to avoid mistake!

Use Plenty Lighting


To enhance a mezzanine, you should apply proper lighting. It should be controlled well in the mezzanine area and from other area. Due to this place is not use every day, but can be important for the one who do some projects at home.

Choose Accessible Stair


Pay attention to build accessible stair for your mezzanine. Make sure that it will be safe for anyone with various height and weight. However, it must take little space to look simple but functional.

Take Appropriate Space


If you wish to have mezzanine, consider the space. It has to enough for you to stand up comfort from the floor. Then, the area also can be easily used for moving around. It is no matter whether it is a big or small mezzanine.

Decide The Size


Consider how large your area. If you have a big house, it can be used for building large mezzanine. However, a small mezzanine is great too for a place to do your home projects.

Think About Materials


Get more durable mezzanine by using strong materials. It can be glass, wood, mild steel, or others. If you like to see a wide mezzanine, choose glass material. Or, applying open concept mezzanine will be great as well.

Determine The Function


What for your mezzanine will be? Whether it is for home office or just a place to take a nap, it should be consider before building a mezzanine. Further, it will deal with the furniture items that will be applied later on.

Consider Air Circulation



Air circulation is the most important thing that should be considered. The second one is heating. Those variables will allow you to have a comfortable and cozy mezzanine.

Use Comfy Furniture


You may have various furniture items on the mezzanine. However, it will be better for you to choose neutral color to ease you design this space. It can be black, brown, white, and some earthy colors.

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