8 stylish open shelving units diy to store towels
8 stylish open shelving units diy to store towels

8 Stylish Open Shelving Units DIY To Store Towels

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Bathroom storage is important to store your stuffs, included towels. You don’t need to install a cabinet if there is no more space. Just create open shelves. Then, save your towels there. It can be in a term of wall-mounted shelves, built-in shelves, and or floating shelves. Check out these ideas to inspire you!

Open Shelves Next To The Bathtub


Floating shelves next to bathtub will ease you to reach towels whenever. Further, it looks decorative too with some towels that arranged well. Add other accents just like green plants, essentials, or more.

Storage From Ladder


Use your corner as a place to put your bathroom storage. Like this idea of using bathroom nook to put a ladder for towel storage. Just take an old ladder, add boards as shelves, and paint it with white. After that, put it against the wall.

Forged Shelving Unit


This idea will be a unique way to save your towels. With wall-mounted style, you can save more space for other bathroom stuffs.

Built-In Shelving Unit


Build a shelving unit between shower and sink will not only function as storage but also decorative accent. Look at the storage that build form floor to ceiling for towels. This is real awesome and attractive too.

Open Shelving Behind Bathtub


The space behind bathtub can be more useful if you build an open shelving unit. Store your towels, essentials, or other bathroom stuffs on it. Moreover, the bathroom will look tidy and clean without take much space.

Pallet Box Shelving Units


You can use pallet box or wooden crate to create shelving unit. Attach pallet boxes on the wall by using hook. Arrange them vertically for more decorative look. Then, put your towels on each of boxes.

Tall Narrow Shelf


The wall space can be more functional if you can build your own bathroom storage. Like this tall narrow shelf that help you to store your towels tidily.  If you need more shelves just find out more wooden boards and hardware.

Open Shelves With Wooden Board


The bathroom nook can be used for attaching some boards. Then, it comes as open shelves to store your bathroom stuffs. Paint it with neutral color to look elegant. However, it doesn’t matter if you want to use bold and or vibrant color.


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