8 gorgeous ways to add pops of green for living room
8 gorgeous ways to add pops of green for living room

8 Gorgeous Ways To Add Pops Of Green For Living Room

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Most people love green. Green is the color of freshness, nature, and spirit. When you apply that color for your living room, it will boost your mood every day. It will be fit to combine with other colors too. Add pops of green through pillows, bench, sofa, chair, or curtain will refresh your living space look.

Green Walls And Green Furniture


You may adore green very much. Apply your lovely color for any room at your house. Like this idea of bold green wall with bold pattern too that looks amazing. Combine well with green furniture items for a great ambience.

Amazing Peer Green


Peer green gives our eyes fresh look. Use this color for wall is nice and eye-catching too. Look at the curtain, pillows, and stools that are in green peer looks sophisticated and nice to combine with gold and or brown.

Shades Of Green


Look at this vintage living room with shades of green that looks fresh and clean. The curtain with green pattern works well with green seating. Further, the green patterned rug also finishes this idea perfectly.

With Emerald Green Touch


This living room with emerald green seems more relaxing and comfy. Look at the walls that contrast with some wall accents. Then, a couch in white also tells us more about beautiful seating area.

With Earthy Greens


Look at this living space with earthy green that plays role as focal interest. See the pillows and lamp base that create great statement though only small pieces. Overall, this is a white room that looks gorgeous with green touch.

With Olive Green

Extraordinary sage green living room ideas mvbjournal

Some people may like contrast color for their room decoration. Like this living space with olive green that perfectly eye-catching. Even, you can see blue pillows on the green couch that show different statement but awesome combination.

Traditional Thick Green Wall Living Room


White living room looks more mind-blowing with hints of green. With traditional thick green, this room appears calm and comfy. Combine with green rug to have wonderful ambience. Then, green stool complete this space very well.

Green And Gold

Golden, green and grey accents in contemporary living room interior

Green and gold becomes tremendous color combination. You will gain fresh and luxurious touches in one room. Look at the wall color that makes the golden lighting seen clearly. Even the green plants also work well with all gold furniture items at this space.

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